The design of the Hugo bed is visually innovative and technologically durable. The support surface of the bed on the floor is located in the middle of the bed, so the legs of the bed are not visible, in practical terms it makes it much easier to clean the base of the bed. The wide wooden frame, which covers the base and sides of the bed, brings out the beautiful wood pattern on a large surface, adding the right amount of naturalness and warmth to the bedroom. The lip headboard, which is strong but at the same time airy, firmly supports the back and offers a comfortable position for reading in bed or working with a computer.

The upper edge of the head is milled with a special groove to which the bed pillow can be attached. The pillow stays in place nicely in this way and does not sink. The soft back is comfortable and the look of the room can be easily changed seasonally with different colored pillows. The height of the head from the floor is 34.45”. The height of the foot from the floor is 4.53” – a robotic vacuum cleaner can be cleaned under the bed!

* The price does not include bed slats and the mattress pictured.

In case of interest please contact us!

Please contact us for further information. The shipping costs to US are not included in the item price!
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