In order you to fully enjoy your oak wood furniture and ensure its longevity, we recommend you follow some basic rules.

Oak wood is an authentic and natural material- each product texture has a unique grain and pattern.

Wood is a living material and therefore subject to dimensional variations. Conditions that are too dry due to excessive heating can cause shrinkage or even slight cracks on the solid panels. Conversely, abnormally humid conditions may expand the wood and cause connections to break. We offer various maintenance kits for cracks and our specialists will gladly offer maintenance, if necessary!

  • Maintain indoor humidity at 40–60%.
  • Temperature 14 to 26 °C
  • Use the products only indoors (not outdoors, on balconies, or on terraces).
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Kept away from radiators, air conditioners and air inlet valves
  • Lubricate the products 1–2 times a year or more, if necessary.
  • Do not place hot objects directly on the wooden surface.
  • Do not clean with chemical detergents.
  • Always test if a detergent is suitable for the product
  • Reposition the product only by LIFTING.
  • Do not drag the product on the floor or turn it upside down without lifting it properly.


The recommended maintenance frequency for oak wood products is 1–2 times a year, or more often, if necessary. Natural wood oils will nourish the wood and make it gradually more durable. All necessary maintenance products are available in our store.

If the surface of the product feels rough, dry or has developed any defects sand the surface slightly using grit 150–200 sandpaper. Before lubricating clean the surface with normal soapy water (not concentrated soap/washing-up liquid) and wipe dry immediately with a dry cloth.

Clean the surface approx. 12 hours before the oil treatment.

Shake the oil bottle well and apply the oil generously using a cloth (not directly on the surface). It is important to work in the direction of the grain when abrading. The surface must be glistening, and the oil allowed 20 minutes to be absorbed. Remove any excess oil with a lint-free cloth (or kitchen paper) until the wood is completely smooth to the touch.

For white or dark lubricant, pour the oil directly on the wooden surface. Remove any excess oil

immediately by rubbing the surface with kitchen paper. This way, you avoid the lubricant drying on the wooden surface.

If the lubricated wooden surface is smudged or has changed colour, remove it with sandpaper and oil the area.

If any dry spots appear within 24 hours of treatment, then the treatment should be repeated.

The oil-treated surface can be used with care after approx. 24 hours. The oil will have hardened fully after 7 days.

Wooden cracks are easily removable with a special wood repair stick. Clean the surface. Rub the cracked area strongly with the wood repair stick until the crack is filled up and invisible. Then sand the surface of the filled-out area smooth and lubricate the area as usual.

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Lubricants are easily flammable. Burn or discard oily cloths and kitchen paper immediately to avoid self-ignition.


Clean the leather products with a clean detergent for this purpose only.

If you do not have the specific product, you should choose a substitute product that has the equivalent protective and nourishing qualities. Avoid any aerosols with solvents and any oil or fat based products.

Please try them before usage. In case cleaning products are not available, clean with clean water and cloth.

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