Most of the wood used by Woodek Design is hardwood purchased from sawmills with whom we have long- standing relationships. 

We do use sometimes for custom orders other woods example ash, birch or walnut.

As wood is a natural product, variations in color and pigmentation will occur. 

OAK- Quercus Robur

Associated with longevity, durability and there is a believe that “great Oak trees” seen times across centuries, will represent us now and link us together- the past and present. 

We use European oak in most of our product- mainly Eastern European Oak. 

Various of products we use Prime timber- we call it 1st grade- it got straight grain, even colouring and only few inter-grown knots. 

However we use for tabletops 2nd grades timber to give more rustic character features and appearance of real Oak with good grain patterns, sound knots and colouring. 


We are only using SWISS KRONO MDF, manufactured from natural wood fibres and got the highest E1 class certification. That means all binding agents and the sizing system are environmentally friendly and contain very low quantities of formaldehyde.


Most of our furniture is oil treated, for it we use Swedish Acromapro products to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood creating durable surfaces.



All glues, lacquers and paints adhere to formaldehyde norm E1 which means it emits less than 0.15 mg/ m3 air. All glues also got Finnish M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials, M1 stands for low emissions building materials. 

These materials do not emit gases once hardened which takes place at our factory, in ventilated facilities.

All glues we use are made in Finland.



Most of the textiles we use are produced in Italy and Belgium. We are using Lauritzon’s fabrics in our upholstered chairs and stools.