Where did Woodek begin?

The Woodek story began in 2008 in Finland when we used our passion for real wood and life-enhancing design to start making durable furniture. Inspired by Scandinavian style and living, our furniture is made in Europe with respect to fair and ethical manufacturing.

All of our furniture is made in EU countries, using solid European oak and occasionally, other types of wood. We’re an ethical brand using environmentally friendly techniques, including controlled wood sourcing.

When we’re building our furniture, everything we use has EU REACH certification which covers our oils and glues. We’re monitoring risk, to make sure that only safe items enter your home. All materials are environmentally friendly and are not harmful to you or your family.

We believe in eco-design, using as much wood from each tree as we can. The leftovers are used to make smaller products like our side tables and coat hooks.

What are Woodek’s values?

What can you expect from Woodek products?

Every product we make is a celebration of nature and natural living. They’re products designed for real homes, with real families, to meet real needs. We focus on the perfect blend of style and practicality, with each and every item earning a long-lasting place in your home.

We’re an FSC certified, family-owned business that uses Scandinavian design. You can expect your furniture to last for generations, with a proper level of care.

We create fittings and furnishings that are genuinely useful, providing real storage space and surfaces that do what you need – from floating bedside tables that keep your floors clear to our writing desks with in-built storage.

How can Woodek guarantee great quality?

Why to choose Woodek furniture?

If you share our love for the planet we live on, you’re an honorary member of the Woodek family. Our furniture will meet your needs, being both practical and great for the Earth.

Buying Woodek products, you’re doing your bit for furniture sustainability. You’re buying a product that can be with you through your life, rather than cast aside next year.

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