Dining Table TREE


The dining table brings together ancient nature and the high-quality handiwork of our experienced woodworkers. We use wood that has been specially treated and dried during the long-term production process. The solid wood dining table, which conveys functionality, durability and warmth to the last detail, is the heart of every home, an invaluable family heirloom that stores common emotions spent at the table and carries them over from time to time. 

The naturalness of the table top is emphasized by the Nordic legs with a clear line, which can be chosen from seven different models and finishes for this table top. Put together a combination that will make your interior perfect. Metal legs are available: brushed steel, black-tinted metal and lacquered black metal.

Each dining table is unique, therefore the number of branches cannot be determined in advance when ordering the finishing of the wood.

There is a possiility to add one or two extension plates for the table.

In case of interest please contact us!

Please contact us for further information. The shipping costs to US are not included in the item price!
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