Wooden wine rack

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ProEXR File Description

cameraAperture (float): 36.000000
cameraFNumber (float): 8.000000
cameraFarClip (float): 1000000015047466200000000000000.000000
cameraFarRange (float): 100000.000000
cameraFocalLength (float): 39.357704
cameraFov (float): 49.153381
cameraNearClip (float): 0.000000
cameraNearRange (float): 0.000000
cameraProjection (int): 0
cameraTargetDistance (float): 429.115082
cameraTransform (m44f)
channels (chlist)
compression (compression): Zip
dataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 1919, 1079] displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 1919, 1079] lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing Y
name (string): “”
pixelAspectRatio (float): 1.000000
screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0.000000, 0.000000] screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000
type (string): “scanlineimage”
vrayInfo/camera (string): “PhysCamera001”
vrayInfo/computername (string): “node11-pc”
vrayInfo/cpu (string): “INTEL/OctaModel:12,Family:6,Stepping:3,Cache:0”
vrayInfo/date (string): “14/08/2019”
vrayInfo/filename (string): “VEINIRIIUL SEINALE-V02.max”
vrayInfo/frame (string): “00000”
vrayInfo/h (string): “0”
vrayInfo/mhz (string): “0MHz”
vrayInfo/noiseThreshold (string): “0.001000”
vrayInfo/numPasses (string): “0”
vrayInfo/numSubdivs (string): “0.00”
vrayInfo/os (string): “Win10”
vrayInfo/primitives (string): “0”
vrayInfo/ram (string): “32704MB”
vrayInfo/rendertime (string): ” 0h 0m 0.0s”
vrayInfo/time (string): “12:57:17”
vrayInfo/vmem (string): “134217728MB”
vrayInfo/vraycore (string): “3.60.03”
vrayInfo/vrayversion (string): “Internal V-Ray version Adv 3.60.03”
vrayInfo/w (string): “0”

A (float)
B (float)
G (float)
MatID_001.B (float)
MatID_001.G (float)
MatID_001.R (float)
MatID_002.B (float)
MatID_002.G (float)
MatID_002.R (float)
MatID_003.B (float)
MatID_003.G (float)
MatID_003.R (float)
MatID_004.B (float)
MatID_004.G (float)
MatID_004.R (float)
ObjectID_001.B (float)
ObjectID_001.G (float)
ObjectID_001.R (float)
ObjectID_002.B (float)
ObjectID_002.G (float)
ObjectID_002.R (float)
ObjectID_003.B (fl

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